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  • Family members and others that need to obtain a burial permit may do so either by mail or in person at our location at N. Mt. View, San Bernardino, CA An original transit permit or certified copy of the death certificate is required along with the fee in order to receive the permit.
  • A burial permit authorizing cremation shall not be issued upon the filing of a provisional certificate of death. When a funeral director or other person obtains a burial permit from a local registrar or sub-registrar, the registrar or sub-registrar shall charge a fee of three dollars for the issuance of the burial permit.
  • Burial Permits are now issued through the EDRS. Funeral Directors will need to sign into the system and generate the Permits. You can do this 24/7, then the death certificate will be processed on the next regular business day. Permit fee - $
  • Burial Permits for Disinterment Contact the County Vital Records office in the county where the remains or cremains are legally interred. This can be determined by looking at the burial permit that is with the remains now. If the cremains/remains are legally interred in Sacramento County, you will need to contact.
  • Once you have obtained an approved SUP to have a private cemetery on your residential property, please record this official permit with the Maricopa County Recorder's Office. You will need to provide a copy of the officially recorded document and the approved SUP for a private cemetery to our office before initiating the private burial process.
  • 3. Permit for burial. The person in charge of each burying ground or crematory in this State shall endorse, and provide the date the body was disposed of on, each such permit with which that person is presented, and return it to the State Registrar of Vital Statistics or to the clerk of the municipality in which such burying ground or crematory is located within 7 days after the date of.
  • Funeral Director or Mortuary:A Cremation/Burial-Transit Permit is required for dead bodies to be cremated, dead bodies or fetuses to be transported out of Utah for final disposition, or when disposition is made by someone other than a licensed funeral director. All cremations must be done by a .
  • Next of Kin of the deceased are eligible to obtain a burial permit for the deceased. Fees The application is free of charge. Validity The burial permit is valid until the burial takes place. Then it loses its validity. Documents to Use Application forms Form No.6 or Form No.7 are provided at hospitals or the registrar’s offices respectively.
  • 10b. date permit issued 10c. signature of local registrar issuing permit 10d. address of registrar of district of death—if death occurred in california 10e. address of registrar of district of disposition—if different from 10d authorized disposition(s)—check applicable items for coroner’s use only a. burial .

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